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RESCO website

Now that you’ve successfully logged in to our new RESCO website, you will have complete access to our website including the MEMBERS ONLY section.  This section is ONLY visible to our Members once you login.  The public cannot see any of the content in this section or its sub-sections.


 What’s Contained in My Profile and How Do I Update it?

You can edit the information in your profile by clicking on person icon at the top right of the HOME PAGE.  Once you click on “view profile” it will take you to the page where you can update edit your profile.  Be sure to SAVE any changes that you make on this page.


Member Profile – How Do I Share My Profile With Other Members?

You can edit the information in your profile by clicking on “View Profile” under the person icon at the top right of the HOME PAGE page.  Once you click on “View Profile” you will go to a page where you can update your personal profile.  While in this page, click “Edit profile”, update your information and click SAVE.

If you click on “Privacy”, this will open another page that displays who can see your profile.  By default, all of these are “locked” so only members can view your profile IF you wish to share it with them.  To share your profile, note the “Show profile to others” sentence near the top.  There is no check mark in this box by default.  IF you wish to share your profile information with other RESCO Members, click on the box which places a check mark in it.  Now click on the “Save” button.  This will allow your profile to be shared with other RESCO Members ONLY.  None of this information is visible or accessible to the public.

Member Profile – What Do Other Members See?

To view your directory profile which is visible ONLY to other RESCO Members IF you share it with them, go to your profile page and then click on “My directory profile” near the top of the page.  This will take you to the profile other members will see IF you share your profile with them.  You’ll note there is a “Send message” box next to your name.  Another RESCO member can send you a message by clicking on this box. 

Member Profile – How Do I See Other RESCO Member’s Profiles?

Once you have successfully signed in, look in the left column for the “Members” section.  Below it you will see several sections that are only accessible to RESCO members.  Find the one titled “Directory” and click on it.

A new window will open displaying the names of the members who have elected to share their profile with other members.  Initially there will only be a few members until more of us become familiar and comfortable with the new website.


RESCO Website Committee Members

  • Myrna Lebert - Co-President - CHAIR
  • Ron Grider - Co-President
  • Maria De Anda - 1st Vice President
  • Ed Washington - Treasurer
  • Rhonda Biesemeier - Past President
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