Possible Picnic in August!

Increased number of positive cases in Stanislaus County are occurring and your health and safety is our greatest concern.

We made the proactive decision to CANCEL the RESCO Picnic.  Thank you for understanding and supporting our decision.

The RESCO Board​

StanCERA Message from the Executive Director

General Information

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, StanCERA will be implementing limited service protocol for our members.  Beginning March 17th, StanCERA will no longer be allowing customer access onsite.  This means that one-on-one counseling sessions will not be available, and you will not have the ability to interact with StanCERA staff or drop off forms and applications in person at our counter.  This does NOT mean that StanCERA is ceasing business.  

We are currently transitioning staff to be able to work remotely and given our technological capabilities, staff can process all documents, applications, benefit checks, and forms off-site. 

The major inconvenience will of course be members’ ability to meet and conduct business faceto-face.  To that end, we will also be providing popular forms and applications down in the lobby of our building.  You can always call or email StanCERA staff and discuss any business, to make sure you have access to the required forms and applications and to work out any issues regarding submission of information or questions you may have.  Additionally, most popular forms, packets and applications are available online to download.   

To Our Retirees

StanCERA considers its ability to pay members timely and without delay our top priority.  We currently have processes in place that allow us to process all retiree checks remotely and without delay.  Any change on our end processing retiree payroll will be seamless with one exception.  There are a handful of retirees that regularly pick their checks up at our counter and new retirees that generally receive their first check also at the counter.  For those retirees, you should call StanCERA and direct us to mail the check to you to avoid any delays.   

StanCERA Investments

StanCERA is a strategic, long-term institutional investor.  Built into our actuarial and investment processes is the assumption that from time to time, the markets will experience turbulent and volatile swings.  StanCERA invests your assets accordingly.  We have a substantial part of the portfolio dedicated to mitigating market volatility and uncertainty.  These assets are designed to mute some of the volatility by having more exposure to less risky assets and have recently performed as expected.  That said, StanCERA also has substantial exposure to risky assets.  However, StanCERA is a long-term investor and has very long-term liabilities.  The nature of these long-term liabilities allows StanCERA to take risk in other areas of the portfolio, since these liabilities won’t have to be satisfied or paid for quite some time.To assist in this idea, StanCERA has a portion of its portfolio dedicated strictly to paying benefits.  These assets are bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, Government Sponsored Entities (GSE’s) and high-grade Corporates.  The assets pay off precisely when StanCERA needs to pay benefits.  Currently, the portfolio is set up to pay benefits for the next 8 years.  As a result, StanCERA should never have to tap its illiquid or long-term assets or even its public equities (stocks) to pay benefits.  Consequently, StanCERA can withstand market disruptions without having to sell assets at an inopportune time.  

Are you interested in joining RESCO so you can take advantage of savings on 
Health, Vision, Dental and other insurance plan premiums?

If you are, please note that RESCO dues are $5.00 per month, or $60 per year.  If you are currently retired, you may ask StanCERA to withhold your monthly RESCO dues from your retirement check, or you can pay us directly.  If you are not yet retired, we ask that you pay your RESCO dues in advance for the year. 

 There are several ways you can join RESCO!

  •  Call Sara Klein (209) 521-1666
  •  Email us at contact@rescotoday.org
  •  Use our website “Contact Us” email form
  •  If you have one of our brochures, there is an application for RESCO membership inside.  You may complete that form and mail it to
     RESCO, Inc., P. O. Box 1646, Modesto, CA  95353

We hope you’ll take advantage of this incredible offer and JOIN RESCO!    

We need your support to maintain a healthy organization, and to have a strong voice for effective retirement representation.  Our role is to advocate, educate, inform and provide fun activities for our members.

RESCO strives to protect retiree pensions through advocacy, litigation, and lobbying efforts...

RESCO is a full voting member of the California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA), an alliance of 20 California Counties whose retirement systems were established under the 1937 Retirement Act.

When you join RESCO, you automatically have membership and representation in CRCEA.

In addition to employing lobbyists working to protect our rights and help us to be heard by the Legislation, CRCEA has a Legislative Committee that writes, submits, supports and follows up on bills relating to our pensions.  We also have the Retirement Security Committee which is instrumental as a vigorous “watch-dog” committee for all retirees; making presentations and writing papers in support of our pensions. CRCEA also acts on behalf of our local organizations by writing letters of support when we become involved in legal matters.  CRCEA represents approximately 200,000 retired county employees, through their local organizations. Its influence cannot be underestimated!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates from:

Kaiser Permanente

United Healthcare

We would love to represent you!

Retired Employees of Stanislaus County Organizations, Inc. 

RESCO...Dedicated service to retirees for over 45 years!

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Call: (209) 521-1666
Email: Contact@RescoToday.org

P.O. Box 1646
Modesto, CA 95353

What is RESCO?

RESCO, Inc. is the ONLY OFFICIAL ORGANIZATION that represents Retired Employees of Stanislaus County Organizations, including retirees from Stanislaus County, Superior Court, City of Ceres, East Side Mosquito Abatement District, Hills Ferry Cemetery District, Keyes Community Services District, Salida Sanitary District, and StanCOG. 


Anyone who is presently receiving or anticipating a monthly retirement allowance from the Stanislaus County Employees Retirement Association (StanCERA) is eligible to become a RESCO member.

RESCO is an independent organization of retirees,
​by retirees, and devoted entirely to the needs of the retirees. 

As a member of RESCO, you have representation on the StanCERA Retirement Board, and are served by the RESCO Board of Directors who works diligently for members to assure that their needs are met.  It is important to all of us as retirees to have someone stand up for our rights, and RESCO is the organization to do it!

Our objective at RESCO centers on the entire social, physical, medical and economic welfare of our retirees.

Benefits Enjoyed by RESCO Members

  • RESCO Sponsors Medical Insurance for retirees over age 65, and Dental & Vision for all retirees through Pacific Group Agencies.  We strive to keep premium costs low for our retirees.
  • RESCO publishes a quarterly newsletter & maintains a website: www.RescoToday.org.
  • RESCO holds quarterly Membership Luncheon Meetings and hosts an Annual Picnic.  Both are great times to enjoy friendships, both old & new.
  • RESCO offers members See’s Candy discounts.