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At-Home Screening Test Allowed Sherry Jansma’s Doctors to Find Colon Cancer Before it Spread

Posted on 09. Mar, 2015 by Kaiser Permanente in Ease and ConvenienceExcellent CareFeaturedPrevention

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At first, San Diego native Sherry Jansma paid no mind to the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) that Kaiser Permanente mailed to her house to screen for colon cancer. After all, her previous screening tests had come back clear, and she had no family history of cancer.

After a few days, Sherry reminded herself that Kaiser Permanente recommends adults age 50 and older should complete the FIT every two years. She mailed in her test.

When the FIT results came back positive, Sherry opted for a follow-up colonoscopy. During the procedure, Kaiser Permanente physician Daniel “Stony” Anderson, MD, found a large polyp that tested positive for stage 0 colon cancer.

Because Sherry’s cancerous polyp was caught so early, Kaiser Permanente doctors were able to remove the cancer before it impacted her health. Sherry was able to rid her body of cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. “I have got lots of energy,” Sherry said. “I know my life was saved.”

Sherry wants everyone to understand that preventative tests like the FIT are easy, painless and fast. They are key to effectively diagnosing cancer early on, especially for those who, like Sherry, don’t show symptoms during the early stages of colon cancer.

According to Sherry, when it comes to the FIT, “You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you might just have everything to gain.”

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