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Retired Employees of Stanislaus County Organizations, Inc. 

Board of Directors 2019

Rhonda Biesemeier
Myrna Lebert


Diana Ward 

1st Vice President

Ron Grider

2nd Vice President

Donna Webster


Ed Washington 


Directors at Large 

Connie Brimm 

Seat 1 - Director (exp 12/19) 

Virginia Wilson 

Seat 2 - Director (exp. 12/18)

Donna Lawler 

Seat 3 - Director (exp. 12/19)

Karen Weeks 

Seat 4 - Director (exp. 12/18)

Other Voting Members
Linda Stotts-Burnett

Past President

Michael O'Neal

Retirement Board Representative

Rhonda Biesemeier

Alternate Retirement Board Rep.

Non-Voting Members 
Wesley W. Hall 

Director Emeritus

Support Staff 

Kris Ixta 

Administrative Assistant

P.O. Box 1646

Modesto, CA  95353-1643

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Ed Washington 

Newsletter Editor

Email: RescoTreasurer@smerillo.net